Verian and Tiffany Jeffers have been married since 2004. They have 3 daughters by the names of Laura, Lindsay, and Larissa and a precocious puppy named Sugar. They enjoy living in the beautiful community of York, PA. 


Verian and Tiffany grew up serving in ministries located in the inner-city of Baltimore, Maryland. Verian's father, Zachary C. Jeffers was a pastor and Tiffany's grandfather, James A. Parson Sr. was an apostle. The Jeffers grew up seeing first-hand the importance of ministry work and the  impact it made in people's lives. 

The Jeffers have been actively working in various outreach missions including soup kitchens, homeless shelters, clothes drives, senior citizen's homes and drug and alcohol recovery programs. Together, they have opened their home as a safe haven to those in need of transitional housing and respite.

In 2017, the Jeffers embarked upon the mission of establishing a ministry that would impact the community by offering Jesus with a practical approach. 

They have a passion for giving everyone the opportunity to connect to

Christ and one another by demonstrating acts of service just as Jesus

did through His life-evangelism. They believe that every moment is a

moment to evangelize and this is done simply by being "people first"

and finding the common ground that fosters a real and lasting

connection with Jesus. 

Their common ground approach to evangelism is what drives

Connected Life, because a relationship with God starts at the heart and

extends to the hands! They are determined to share and show the world

what God can do through everyday people who live every day for Christ.

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